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Bomb's Assault -Atari 2600
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Atari 2600 VCS console Classic Retro Gaming Video Game ReviewBomb's Assault for Atari 2600 Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review
Title: Assault
Manufacturer: Bomb
Platform: Atari 2600
Release Date: 1983
Part #: CA281
Rating: 3 out of 5
ESRB Rating: N/A

Rating: Bomb's Assault Classic Retro Video Game Review Rating
Bomb's Assault Screenshot:
Bomb's Assault for Atari 2600 screenshot Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review

Bomb's Assault has received some fairly negative reviews which prompted me play it (I know that doesn't make sense). Bomb's release quantities are low (for NTSC) making them very rare as cartridges. I'm told the PAL carts are easier to find in those regions. If you're lucky enough to track down the cart, I think you will enjoy the game!

Many are quick to dislike it because it borrows flagrantly from Phoenix and Demon Attack. While it is true you will see elements of these games, this horizontal-shooter will shoot both vertically and horizontally. Don't be too quick to pigeonhole Bomb's Assault.

Assault Game Play

This single player game pits you against an unrelenting fleet of enemies that emerge from a mothership. While you may be tempted to shoot at this large target, save your effort and let your cannon cool down. The mothership releases enemies - ten per level - that will descend toward you. As you fire, the heat meter at the bottom of the screen fills. Stop firing to let your weapon cool and the meter drop.

Enemies will fire on you with a variety of weapons from single shots to fireballs. Their weaponry is probably the worst of the graphics that Assault has to offer. The mothership is nicely displayed, however the enemies go from being quite colorful to quite dull. But you can't deliver the world in 4K.

Holy shit! Check this out...
Bomb's Assault has received bad press by those who don't care for it's similarity to other games.
One must remember that while it borrows elements from other games, it integrates these features into a single game and adds a few tricks of it's own - like being able to move and shoot horizontally while being shot at from above.

Some enemies will split in half when shot - similar to Demon Attack. Then they begin to hurl fireballs that will land on the surface and attack your cannon from the sides. This is where the joystick control varies from most shooters.

Forward motion of the stick vires vertically from the cannon. moving the stick left & right dodges incoming missiles and fireballs. However, when you hold the fire button and move left or right, you'll fire a horizontal missile. This is how you defeat the fireballs that land and hone in on your position.

The game play tends to go from a easy horizontal shooter to a more manic side shooter. As you fire on the enemies above, it's easy to keep an eye on the heat-meter. When you are being fired on from above and fireballs are chasing you at ground level it gets a bit hectic. As you progress in levels, you'll find it much harder to fire up and sideways while making sure your cannon isn't overheating.

Bomb's Assault for Atari 2600 manual screenshot

Assault Difficulty switches

The manual is a concoction of broken-English, but I don't believe there was any mention of the difficulty switches. Fiddling with the Left Difficulty Switch seemed to register with the game. In the A position, the enemies moved in a slower pattern than when set to the B position. If you find Assault too easy, just flick that switch to B!

Stick with this title - its much better than most reviews would have you believe.

Atari 2600 VCS console Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review
Final Judgement:

Bomb's Assault

has mimicked features from other games, but it has also integrated these borrowings into an interesting game that appears to be a simple horizontal shooter... until fireballs start chasing you across the bottom of the screen. No you'll be glad you can shoot both horizontally and vertically!

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