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Retro gaming defined via hardware, software and gamers

Retro gaming defined via hardware, software and gamers

A really good article, Defining Retrogaming got us to thinking about Retro Gaming and seeing if we could define any guidelines for deeming something at "retro gaming" as opposed to... well... some other shit.

Retro gaming defined via hardware, software and gamers

Defining retro gaming wasn't as easy as we thought for a variety of reasons. Primarily, you'll find a lot of modern hardware (both gaming consoles and computers) that easily play games released 20 years prior to the hardware's release. We talked about Dig Dug on the Atari 2600 before showing the same software, in ROM format, on a Mac computer. There was a definite feeling of non-retroness on the computer with a keyboard & mouse.

We have always been very game-centric when determining whether it should be included in a strict "retro gaming" category. If you're playing a 15 year old game on a Wii or PS2, it still seems like a retro experience, although it is certainly more retro on hardware of the same vintage as the game.

Retro Gaming chiptunes by Ben Landis

Adventures in Pixels, chiptunes by Ben Landis

We stumbled across Adventures in Pixels, a chiptune album by Ben Landis, and became really stoked on the music. It contains 20 tracks of really varied 8-bit inspired music. We were instantly taken with this album and hit pause only long enough to fire up the NES and really get into the spirit of things.

Our next thought was, "We need to use this in our next video!". Having found Ben on Twitter we were happy to find him more than willing to generously lend his music to our fledgling video efforts. You'll find his info at the end of the video, but it took us so fucking long to sort of define retro gaming, we decided his music deserved more prominent attention. No one considers being mentioned a the end of a long, shitty video any sort of valid endorsement :)

Go buy Adventures in Pixels! You'll be glad you did ;)

On-Screen Movie Premiere

Our bare bones attempt ad defining Retro Gaming left us almost too exhausted to watch this 70's cheese. Can you identify the movie playing on the inset screen. Know the title? :)

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