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My local arcade announced their Joust game acquisition via Facebook

It's hard to imagine a life before email and the Web, but in the early 80s a phone call from a buddy was often the first announcement of a new game at the local arcade.

My local arcade announced their Joust game acquisition via Facebook

My local arcade announced their Joust game acquisition via Facebook

Back in the early 80s we'd show up at the Electric Playhouse arcade and find a new video game had been moved onto the floor. Other times a buddy would call to say he'd seen new cabinet at the arcade. Today, we're all connected on the Internet and info almost travels in real-time. From world news to vacation photos, social networks deliver info at speeds we couldn't comprehend, in 1982, when Joust was released.

I saw a recent Facebook post from a local arcade, Wackenhammer's Clockwork Arcade, saying they'd acquired a Joust game. I hopped in the car and went off to play Joust! It's been a very long time since I've stood in front of an actual Joust arcade cabinet.

My local arcade announced their Joust game acquisition via Facebook

On my drive down, I began thinking about how cool it is to receive up-to-the-minute info like this - when you know where to look! This arcade is fairly new and had I not driven by one day, I may not have encountered them online. Having physically seen their location, I looked them up online and connected to their news via social media.

So many folks rely solely on social media as though life is focused around search results without regard for the physical lives we lead. I discover more new books at Barnes & Noble than searching Amazon. Visiting Newbury Comics keeps me up on the latest music and comic releases. Discovering arcades comes from driving around and seeing them.

Much of my video game news comes from online sources, but that's more of a global facet, separate from my local life. I won't learn about an upcoming gen-8 game by driving to the grocery store, but I might pass by a new arcade on my quest to get Pop Tarts, milk, and vegetables.

As we search for amazing things, like a Joust cab arriving at your favorite arcade, don't forget to go outside and say Hello, shake a few hands, and dole out some high-fives! Social media has risen in importance, but being social should never be solely relegated to your computer. Online games are fun, but having a few friends hunched over a game console in your living room is awesome!

Had I not been out running an errand, I may not have seen Wackenhammer's Clockwork Arcade and later missed that Facebook post about their Joust acquisition! When I arrived, Joust was nestled next to Millipede and Pac-Man. I dropped 2 tokens and was brought back to the first time I discovered Joust - in my home town arcade as a teenager.

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