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Aquiris' Horizon Chase Turbo -Nintendo Switch
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 Nintendo Switch console Classic Retro Gaming Video Game ReviewAquiris' Horizon Chase Turbo for Nintendo Switch Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review
Title: Horizon Chase Turbo
Manufacturer: Aquiris
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 2018
Part #:
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
ESRB Rating: Everyone

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Aquiris' Horizon Chase Turbo Screenshot:
Aquiris' Horizon Chase Turbo for Nintendo Switch screenshot Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review

If you played Top Gear or Out Run, there's a high probability you'll love Horizon Chase Turbo on the Nintendo Switch. With all the hallmarks of a classic racer, it plays like a dream on modern hardware from Switch and PS4 to Xbox One and PC. Available for download, this game is destined for a physical release - be it on you console or on display on your shelf, this game is a must-have!

Brazilian developer Aquiris took the best elements of classic racing games and combined them to create a game that will take you back to old favorites. They even created the music by employing the original composer of such games as Top Gear and Rush. You can purchase the soundtrack online.

Released this past Spring for PS4 and PC, the Switch version arrived in December 2018 in the Nintendo e-shop.

Holy shit! Check this out...
The game was scored by Barry Leitch, who is the legendary composer who scored Top Gear, Lotus T. C. 2 And Rush.
Reminiscent of awesome past racers, this game is tough. The AI is relentless and your wins will be earned. It's a ton of fun, but frustration will kick in now and again. Keep at it,

With several modes of play, you'll find one that suits you from short & sweet in Tournament mode to lengthier runs in Endurance. There's even a Playground mode that throws all sorts of challenges your way and lets you play against others.

My favorite "retro" feature is what's being called "couch multiplayer". Remember when playing games with your friends involved everyone being in the same room? Chilling with your buddies on the couch playing against each other was the best. Horizon Chase Turbo allows up to 4 players in a split-screen mode! Gather up your friends!

Don't crash and avoid the other cars. Sounds simple and it's the best way to advance, which unlocks all sorts of goodies from additional tracks to vehicular upgrades. But it's more than just speed and controller dexterity. You'll encounter crazy weather, night time racing, and even a volcanic eruption. Don't forget to collect as many blue chips as you can.

The shortness of each race is very appealing to me as it suits a variety of time constraints, letting me play just a few races or go in for the long haul. It gives me a quick fix and lets me dig in and crave more. Start with one quick race and it'll pull you in for a few more. With over 100 tracks and a wide variety of unlockable vehicles, there's plenty of diversity.

Overall, I'm having a blast with Horizon Chase Turbo. Even if you grew up playing it's inspirations, this is a tough game. If you gain the lead, you'll have to fight to keep it. There's no coasting - your competitors may be behind you, but they are never that far behind. The short games are exhilarating and they all make you work for your gains.

(Game provided by Aquiris for this review)

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Final Judgement:

Aquiris' Horizon Chase Turbo

has a reasonable price for extraordinary fun. This game wil take you back to your favorite classic racers and sprinkle in many modern nuances. Rev 'em up!

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