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Never underestimate the cleverness of the internet. When a situation arises, the talented masses put forth the most savage humor out there. We can't resist showcasing some of it on our page and even creating some of it ourselves.

Atari raised nearly $3 million dollars for a non-existant game console!

Atari has shown some rendered images and they have a non-functional visual mockup of their upcoming VCS console, but no proof of concept. The brief videos showing various Vault titles, is not enough to validate the console. They had no working prototype just three months ago at the Game Developer's Conference (GDC). They speak of Tempest 4000 for the system, yet the game's developer knows nothing about it and has never created a Linux version of the game.

Atari has raised nearly $3 million based on good will and nostalgia! I grew up with Atari and love their various game systems and the industry they helped create. However, the current Atari is little more than a holding company trying to make money by licensing it's IPs. Consumers don't seem to know the Atari business has been sold numerous times and it's founder Nolan Bushnell has not been part of he company for over three decades.

Still they crowd funded a new, unproven, non-existant game console that Atari won't even deliver for another YEAR! Atari failed to deliver on their last crowd-funded hardware project for a gaming smartwatch. I'd love to see them succeed, but they don't demonstrate any actions that give any hope for success. I wish them luck, but I wouldn't buy their new console until it's sitting on a retail shelf at Best Buy or GameStop.

Atari raised milions of dollars for a non-existant game console

Even Georgie will trust an evil clown for more Ataribox info

Atari VCS... nobody cares

Atari VCS... nobody cares

Between my childhood and my son's, Nerf was weaponized

Time changes everything, but Nerf certainly went through a massive shift in their product line. I remember having a variety of round Nerf balls and even a football or two. Kids don't sem to revere "the ball" as a viable toy these days. In my childhood it was a fun indoor toy that wouldn't damage things as it was thrown and kicked - for the most part.

These days, I can't even recall the last time I saw a foam ball - Nerf or otherwise. And don't get me started about squirt guns. As a kid ou could fill one at a water fountain in about five seconds. Today's super soakers seemingly hold gallons of water and look like oversized weapons from a superhero cartoon! I guess kicking a ball or playing Catch is just old fashioned these days.

Between my childhood and my son's, Nerf was weaponized

Roseanne's toxic personality brought the reboot to an abrupt close

Rediscovering a new wave of fame, Roseanne Barr went back to what she knows best and managed to have her rebooted show canceled in an instant. The tragedy - beyond her toxic comments - is the loss of work to everyone involved with the show. If you've seen Infinity War (2018), this pic is a lot funnier.

Roseanne's toxic personality brought the show's reboot to an abrupt close

Fashion Showdown: Evel Knievel versus cosplay model Joanie Brosas

Evel Knievel could make his motorcycle fly, but we doubt he could do it wearing a thong. I've had this Evel Knievel poster for decades and still remember the excitement of seeing one of his amazing stunts on Wide World Of Sports. I was obsessed with him as a kid and miss the era of daredevils.

Joanie Brosas is a cosplay model who had created many stunning Star Wars costumes and a stunning Vampirella suit that landed her on the cover of the actual comic book! Check her out on Instagram & Twitter to see what she's working on and what conventions she's attending!

Fashion Showdown: Evel Knievel versus cosplay model Joanie Brosas

Keeping up with the White House

Kim Kardashian visited the White House to meet with Trump about a Presidential pardon for an incarcerated woman. Likely a good cause, but neither of these oval office attendees have much credibility in the real world.

In light of the "reality show" nature of both Kim and Donnie, we turned it into a chicken-gobbling reveal of Atari's latest vapor-ware game console.

Keeping up with the White House

iHOP rebrands as iHOB - the Intergalactic Hang Out Barcade

iHOP released an odd bit of rebranding today. They claim to be changing their name to iHOB. One has to wonder if this is some sort of marketing scheme to drum up interest in their pancake restaurants or is a big change afoot? Some speculate the "B" will stand for breakfast, but pancakes are pretty much a breakfast food, so I'm not sure that translates into a significant move.

We have a more daring interpretation...

iHop rebrands as iHOB - A Retro Gaming Memes

We think the pancake business has gone sour. Bisquick brings their business model to your kitchen counter, so why go out for pancakes, right? iHOP sees this and is shifting gears to a different kind of business - the retro gaming business. The success of the Barcade (bar + arcade) model in indisputable and the International House is going for a new kind of local fun.

We predict the new iHOP logo will launch the Intergalactic Hang Out Barcade where you can't get a pancake,but there's plenty of Asteroids, Missile Command, Berzerk, and Defender. Put away the maple syrup and head on down the biggest thing to rock Chuck E, Dave, and Buster!

Kanye should chill with some Dig Dug now and then

I'm not a fan, but I love the story of the $85K he paid for an album cover photo on a project he was producing and then took this pic on an iPhone for his own album. From yanking Taylor's award out of her hands to rancid rants about slavery, this guy is wound tight. He needs a hobby - something that will take him away from having to keep up with the kardashians. We suggest some retro gaming... start with Dig Dug. Work you way up slow.

Kanye needs a hobby to help him blow off steam. Retro gaming maybe?

Blade is a killer, not an opener

Blade is such a kick-ass flick - love the opening scene with Traci Lords! So, while filming your unboxing video, don't use Blade. Use a nice big steak knife like the rest of us.

Blade is a killer, not an opener

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