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Nintendo GameBoy Avance

Again I was late getting into the GameBoy Advance. The jump from the monochrome GameBoy to GameBoy Color left me unimpressed. Sure, the color was a nice addition, but you can't see anything on that screen. With no backlighting and insane glare... it was a tough handheld to love. When the Advance came out, my nephew was very hyped on it so that sort of motivated me to check it out. Eventually, I got one an consicered it a good upgrade to GNC and it was backward compatible with all my GameBoy games.

Nintendo GameBoy Advance - Technical Specifications

The GameBoy Advance (often shortened to GBA) is a 32-bit handheld video game console developed, manufactured, and marketed by Nintendo. It is the successor to the Game Boy Color. It was released in Japan on March 21, 2001; in North America on June 11, 2001; in Australia and Europe on June 22, 2001; and in the People's Republic of China on June 8, 2004 (excluding Hong Kong).

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Nintendo GameBoy Advance - front view
Nintendo GameBoy Advance - game cart size comparison
Nintendo GameBoy Advance - game cart slot
Nintendo GameBoy Advance - Shoulder-pack case

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