Retro Classic Video Games Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Gaming Items

Miscellaneous Gaming

As a collector, I tend to come across a variety of game related oddities and some one-off consoles. This is a listing of some of the random video game items I've found that son't quite fit into the larger categories on the site.

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Miscellaneous Video Game Consoles

Analogue Super Nt

Analogue Super Nt

This SNES clone form Analogue features an FPGA at it's core with an SD slot for flash updates. It even comes with a pack-in game!

Colecovision Flashback

At-Games' Colecovision Flashback

The Colecovision Flashback is a mini-console from atGames with 60 built-in games from the Coleco library. there are 2 wired joysticks with the same pin-out as the original. It was released October 1, 2014 although many folks reported seeing it on shelves a few weeks earlier.

Atari Flashback 3

At-Games' Atari Flashback 3

The Atari Flashback 3 is an all-in-one replica of the Atari 2600 (on a smaller scale) with 60 built-in games. It has 2 detachable joysticks and connects easily to any TV via standard RCA plugs.

Atari Flashback 4

At-Games' Atari Flashback 4

The Atari Flashback 4 is the next release in AT Games' Flashback series. This time the mini-2600 replica has 76 built-in games and wireless joysticks... but still has ports for the old reliable Atari joysticks and paddle controllers.

Atari Flashback 5

At-Games' Atari Flashback 5

The Atari Flashback 5 from AT Games' has 92 built-in games and wireless joysticks... but still has ports for Atari joysticks and peripherals.

Ouya Android Microconsole

Ouya - Android Microconsole

The Ouya was one of the first Android-based microconsoles to make a big splash at launch. Promising the ease of mobile development and the lure of playing games on a TV was quit appealing. After a huge Kickstarter campaign, the console never caught on.

Retro Entertainment System

AtGames - Sega Genesis Classic Game Console

This is the miniature Sega Genesis Classic Game Console, from AtGames, with 80 built-in Sega Genesis games.

Retro Entertainment System

Retrode Retro Gaming Adapter

Copy ROMs from your SNES & Genesis Carts with this Retrode adapter that also connects your original game controllers to your computer via USB.

Retro Entertainment System

Retro Bit's Retro Entertainment System

The Retro Entertainment System is a Nintendo NES clone compatible with NES game cartridges.

Retro Entertainment System

Retro Bit's Retro Duo

The Retro Duo is a Nintendo clone game console that is compatible with both NES and SNES game cartridges.

FC Twin clone

Yobo Gameware's FC Twin

The FC Twinis another Nintendo NES and SNES clone that allows playing both game types.

PlayJam GameStick

PlayJam's GameStick

Connect PlayJam's GameStick microconsole to your TV's HDMI port, pair the Bluetooth controller and you're all set to play video games, wireless controllers and a functional cartridge slot.

Radio Shack Scoreboard

Radio Shack Scoreboard

The Radio Shack Scoreboard - An early Pong rip-off trying to dilute Pong into Tennis, Hockey and Handball

Miscellaneous Video Game Handhelds

DreamGear's Go Gamer Portable Game Console

DreamGear's Go Gamer Portable Game Console

The Go Gamer Portable is a portable mini-console resembling a Gameboy, but it contains generic games. Featuring aobut 20 games from sports to combat and fighting.

Colecovision Flashback

AtGames - Atari Flashback Portable

The Atari Flashback Portable is a departure from the former Flashback consoles in that is has an SD slot, alowing the addition of more games.

Electronic Football & Basketball

Basic Fun's Electronic Football

Basic Fun's Electronic Football look very similar to the handheld game released by Mattel in the mid 70's. These handhelds are licensed from Mattel.

Electronic Basketball

Basic Fun's Electronic Basketball

Basic Fun's Electronic Basketball is also licensed from Mattel.

GPH Caanoo

GPH Caanoo

The Caanoo is an open-source, Linux-based handheld video game console and media player created by GamePark Holdings of South Korea.

Merlin Electronic Wizard

Merlin Electronic Wizard by Parker Brothers

Flashing lights were once considered gaming and Merlin was on top of the latest wave of sophisticated (for their time) interactive electronic games. We have scans of the entire Merlin Instruction Manual.

Miscellaneous Video Game Controllers

Nuon Controller by Logitech

Nuon Controller by Logitech

I owned a DVD player 4 weeks before any titles were on retail shelves, yet I never bought a Nuon. I did, however, pick up this Logitech Nuon controller just to retain a part of this hybrid game console/DVD device.

Multi-Game Joysticks

Atari 2600 Plug & Play Joystick

Atari 2600 Plug & Play Joystick

The design of Basic Fun's Atari 2600 Plug & Play Joystick resembles the iconic joystick that shipped with the original Atari 2600 video game console. This unit features an eclectic selection of games from this console's library

Pac-Man Ghost Candy Container

Pac-Man shaped Arcade Game Joystick

Although oddly shaped for game-play, the design offers a display-oriented look for this all-in-one Pac-Man shaped game

Pac-Man Ghost Candy Container

Multi-Game Joystick - Space Invaders

This all-in-one joystick features ten classic (and a few peculiar oddities) video games with easy-to-connect RCA cables. You'll have it lodged onto your TV in no time so you can delve into some classic arcade gaming.

Multi Game Arcade Joystick

Classic Arcade Game Joystick - Pac-Man

This battery-powered joystick connects to your TV via RCA style A/V connectors. It contains 12 classic arcade games.

Multi Game Arcade Joystick

Spiderman Multi-Game Joystick

This Spiderman joystick runs on 4 AA batteries and connects to RCA video ports on your TV. It contains 5 various Spiderman-themed games.

Gaming themed Candy Tins & Containers

Pac-Man Ghost Candy Container

Pac-Man Ghost Candy Tins

I dig these metal Pac-Man Ghost candy tins because they retain the rippled flow across the bottom on each container.

NES Controller Mints

NES Controller Mints

This candy box, replicating the look of the classic Nintendo NES controller, is full of mints. If you like mints or need to get rid of stank-breath, these might do the trick. I couldn't resist this novelty item even though I don't like mints... especially the ones spritzed with urine near restaurant exits.

Nintendo Star Candy Container

Nintendo Star Candy Tin

Nintendo star-shaped candy tin filled with lemon-like hard candies.

Nintendo Mushroom Candy Container

Nintendo Power-up Mushroom Candy Container

Who doesn't love a Nintendo power-up mushroomespecially when it's jammed full of minty-looking mushroom-shaped candy? OK, they aren't mints. These are Apple-sour flavored.

Nintendo Question Candy Container

Nintendo Question Candy Container

This square question candy tin is loaded with tasty candies that taste much better than I expected.

Au'Some Mario Candy Container

Au'Some Mario Candy Container

Impulse items never interest me until they're at the register in the Game Section. Suddenly I'm overwhelmed with a mysterious craving for game-themed crap. OK, these Mario candies tasted better than crap, but I need to work harder at staving off the need to buy this sort of useless stuff.

And don't get me started about their unique spelling of "awesome".

Mario Face Candy Container

Mario Face Candy Container

A candy tin full of red jawbreakers, shaped like Mario's face.

Sonic Candy Tin

Sonic Candy Tin

Candy tin shaped like SEGA's Sonic The Hedgehog.

Sonic Candy Tin

Pac-Man Arcade Candy Tin

Candy tin shaped like a Pac-Man arcade cabinet.

Gaming Themed Toys & Games

Atari Centipede board game by IDW Games

Atari Centipede Board Game

Centipede was a challenging video game in arcades of the 80s. Even at home, on your favorite game console, you really need a trackball to play it. How about on the living room carpet? Now you can play the Atari Centipede board game from IDW Games.

Sound Tech toy phone

Sound Tech Toy Phone

This Sound Tech toy phone is little more than a battery-powered novelty that plays a few sounds, but I love the Space Invader character.

World of Nintendo 8-Bit Figures

World of Nintendo 8-Bit Figures

Jakks Pacific released 8 World of Nintendo 8-Bit Figures, in 2015, featuring iconic game characters from Nintendo's NES era.

Atari Hot Wheels toy cars

Atari Hot Wheels Cars

Hot Wheels created six Atari-branded cars, each representing a classic retro video game.

Donkey Kong Toy Monster Truck

Donkey Kong Monster Truck

I always wonder about the origin of such branded toys. I imagine Hot Wheels had to license rights to apply the Donkey Kong name to this Nintendo toy monster truck.

Super Mario Bros. Dog Tags

Super Mario Bros. Dog Tags

These Super Mario Bros. Dog Tags come in Deluxe and standard packages. Collect them all!

Donkey Kong Jenga

Donkey Kong Jenga

All the fun of Jenga with a proper nod to classic Donkey Kong. I found this gem on the impulse rack at a Borders Book store that was soon closing. Long line at the registers, but a fun find.

Donkey Kong Jenga

Tetris Jenga

Here's another version of Jenga with a Tetris theme to it. Unlike most Jenga-style games, this one has plastic blocks. Most of them contain wooden blocks.

Raving Rabbids Figures

Raving Rabbids Figures

We love the antics of the Raving Rabbids on the Wii and their TV show. These figures arrived on toy shelves around the release of the Rabbids Travel In Time video game.

Gaming Themed Office Products

controller-shaped pencil eraser

Controller-shaped Eraser

My son bought me thiscontroller-shaped Eraser at a school library activity. What a great kid!