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While shopping for Christmas gifts I came across this all-in-one classic game stick. I'd seen these before, but remained a purist and always passed on them as too expensive considering I owned most of the games on multiple platforms already.

This time it was $10 so I decided it might be a quick & easy way to easily play some classic games. Who doesn't need a quick Galaga or Dig Dug fix, right?

My 5-year-old son found it and asked what it was and I began explaining the concept of video games. He seemed interested, but talking didn't do it justice so I plugged it in and Dig Dug became his passion! He's moved on to Wii and PS3, but always wants to play some Galaga or Pole Position with Dad. Great kid, right? :)

A nice facet to this device is the multi-purpose joystick. It acts as a standard 8-way joystick, but also integrates a steering mechanism by twisting the knob rather than moving is side-to-side. This Twist-Control is used to steer when playing Pole Position.

This all-in-one game unit has the following 11 games.

Classic Arcade Game Joystick Images

Multi Game Arcade Joystick This joystick is battery powered (4 AA batteries) and connects to RCA video-in ports on TVs. It contains 12 arcade games.
Multi Game Arcade Joystick Right side of the joystick.
Multi Game Arcade Joystick Left side of the Joystick. It makes playing a classic game as easy as hooking it up with one cable and a set of fresh batteries.
Multi Game Arcade Joystick Top view of the Joystick showing the single cable for connecting to the TV.
Multi Game Arcade Joystick Front view of the Joystick. The "quarter slot" acts as a select button - slick!
Multi Game Arcade Joystick Rear view of the Joystick. There is an auto-sleep mode that will save your batteries if you decide to take a break. Give the joystick or buttons a push to resume playing.
Multi Game Arcade Joystick Bottom of the Joystick.
Multi Game Arcade Joystick The joystick connects to your TV via RCA jacks. Alas, a cost cutting measure only provides one audio jack, thus delivering mono sound. I doubt you can achieve stereo with a splitter, but you can convert the single audio jack into two and allow sound to two separate channels, like on a stereo.

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