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March 2022 Retro Gaming Article

March 5, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The savagely difficult video game Cuphead has a show on Netflix and iam8bit has merch

video game Cuphead has a show on Netflix
Cuphead's animation style pays tribute to the 1920s & 30s era of Rubber Hose Animation in which charatcers arms and legs were animated like rubber hoses with no joints.
I was instantly drawn tot he visuals of the Cuphead video game having grown up watching this style of cartoon on TV. The fact that it was so cute, yet there were sinister vibes galore drew me in. Then there was the difficulty. It's a savagely difficult game. When it was released for Switch, I was dying to give it a try. My son had a copy and we dove in. Naturally, I was frustrated within minutes.

Still love it, but in smaller doses so my head doesn't expode. It'sa great style of art and iam8bit has come out with some great merch

From iam8bit's email email:
Extra! Extra! Cuphead, Mugman, Ms.Chalice, Elder Kettle, King Dice, and yes indeedy, The Devil himself have arrived on Netflix! That's right, today marks the launch of The Cuphead Show! and to celebrate iam8bit has teamed up with Studio MDHR and Netflix to bring you a lovingly crafted collection of wares featuring your favorite porcelain pals. Treat yourself to some stylish socks, a limited-edition art print, and much more!
video game Cuphead has a show on Netflix

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