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January 2022 Retro Gaming Article

January 4, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The new line-up from Arcade1Up begins with Killer Instinct and Suzo-Happ controls

Arcade1Up Killer Instinct with Suzo-Happ controls
Arcade1Up has a few more upgrades including wifi and larger screens!
Slated for a mid-January release, arcade favorite Killer Instinct is coming to the realm of Arcade1Up home video game cabinets. It comes with more bells & whistles than older games and a larger price tag. Shown at $699 on their website, the Killer Instinct game comes with a larger 17" monitor, wifi, and Suzo-Happ joysticks and buttons.

This is the arcade version of KI and the cabinet also comes with KI2, Battletoads (arcade version) as well as the 8 & 16 bit home version of Battletoads. I've felt these cabinets are too small and the controls are cheap. I've read they are now using Suzo-Happ controls wich I used for many home joystick projects and loved their quality.

While I think they are striving to deliver a better product, I'd like to see a more robust demo display in retail stores. Seeing them constantly broken at Best Buy and Walmart is uninspiring to me as a consumer. They need to be on display in more balistic manner to fend off the toxic morons that like to break things. I love the way they are expanding titles, but the size just isn't right for me.

I'll have to say, their announcement of Out Run got me excited. If I could find an in-store demo with a solid build and their new standards, I can see having one in my living room!

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