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March 2022 Retro Gaming Article

March 22, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

After deafening silence, Intellivision releases an uboxing video of the Amico console

Intellivision releases Amico uboxing video
They're seeking an investor (still in financial trouble) but they made contact and raised hopes a little bit.
About two years past the day I placed my order and several missed deadlines by the Intellivision folks, backers wait for any morsel of info about the fate of the Amico console. Communications were good, but as more deadlines came and went, it seemed as though we weren't getting the whole picture. Finally it seemed that Intellivision's status was dire. They were close to being broke.

Recently, some automated emails went out to those who'd pre-ordered from various retailers. these emails ranged from cancelations to "your order is about to ship," People freaked out and Intellivision was silent. Online groups an chats were aglow with anger, speculation and despair. The console we hoped to soon receive was nearing an end. A bad ending. The kind of ending where you don't get the cool game console shipped to your home.

Two days later, Intellivision emails a video to their mailing list. It has an unboxing video. My first thought was how awesome the packaging is and my hope of the Amico journey ending well got a small boost. Obviously, any chance of the Amico coming to market seems to rely on a buyout or significant investor buy-in. I'm still hopeful they can pull it off. What we perceive as outsiders is often very different from the internal reality.

Check out the Amico unboxing video below and check out how much thought went into the box and internal packaging. Very cool. Here's hoping the Amico comes to market!

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