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March 2022 Retro Gaming Article

March 20, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Another outcry from Amico fans not understanding email algorithms in the retail sector

Amico automated emails
I'm not saying the intellivision Amico is not in trouble, but an automated email from a retailer doesn't spell disaster.
The Intellivision Amico project is in trouble. Chip shortages amidst a global pandemic set the launch date way off schedule. People living in our increasingly divisive world see only two possible outcomes.
  1. The Amico console will ship next month
  2. The Amico project is a scam
Popular opinion now supports the "Scam" camp. Apparently Amazon in Canada sent out cancelation emails to those who had pre-ordered the Amico video game console. Thus the projet has died in their eyes. However, some folks pre-ordered from GameStop and just received an email from GameStop claiming the launch is mere weeks away. So who do you believe. No one!

These emails are triggered by algorithms based on a criteria that was probably last reviewed six months ago. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating but these emails are not a real-time indication of the Amico's viability. Business is a strange beast if you've never been on the inside track. Neither Amazon nor GameStop has any idea about the Amico's current status.

When an airline cancels a flight, we don't assume they've just gone out of business. If your local grocer is out of Doritos, it doesn't mean Pepsi-Co has gone under. I'm sure your grocer's purchasing department miscalculated demand. Check the soda aisle for Pepsi and Mt. Dew. I'm sure all is well in snack-ville.

The Amico's fate is independent from retail emails and whiney YouTubers.
So, an automated email about a purchase shouldn't trigger doom and gloom. And such reactions shouldn't be pumped out on social media as some sort of truth. Everyone is so hellbent on being the first to break news, no one bothers to fact check the info.

Yes, the Amico project has problems. The certainty of product delivery is in doubt. Claiming the entire effort is a scam because Amazon sent you an automated cancelation email is lazy. Stop following any content creator that can't discern between official communications and rumors & assumptions. I've seen many accounts on social media suddenly claiming the Amico is a scam similar to the ill-fated Coleco Chameleon. Nonsense!

When Tallarico or the new head of Intellivision conveys news, you can take that as a reliable source. Pissed off YouTubers are a waste of space and time. The Amico project has missed several deadlines for delivery which is likely what prompted the Amazon emails. Even GameStop's misguided message was likely a date-based communication having no bearing or relation to current situations.

With all this uproar, I'm sure an intellivision representative will attempt to clarify the current situation and perhaps do some damage control. If you pre-ordered an Amico and waited this long for delivery, why not wait to get info from someone who actually knows what is going on. Maybe the project is dead. Maybe they've found alternate financing. Don't interpret the situation based on the ramblings of content creators eager to get more clicks.

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