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May 20, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Limited Run Games selling the soon-to-be released Atari XP games for the 2600 - limited edition versions

Atari XP games
I purchased Yar's Return last Fall from Atari, now LRG is selling all three of the limited editions!
I went with the standard version which is substantially less in price, but if you're looking for all three games, LRG has them. They are however only selling the more expensive Limited Edition versions of the games.

When I checked the Atari XP website, they seem to only be selling the Yar's Return game at this point. If you're dying to get these rare games on cartridges, now's the time. Rumor has it they are shipping in July.

Atari XP games - Yars Return Yar's Return is a sequel to the renown Yar's Revenge. Similar to it's predesessor, but enemies come at you from three sides.

Atari XP games - Sabateur Sabateur is a multi level shooter developed by Howard Scott Warshaw in 1983, You are a robot who must team up with a bird-like race to save te world from blue aliens who are trying to blow up your world with a warhead.

Atari XP games - Aquaventure Aquaventure is a prototype from 1983. Dive in an underwater cavern to retrieve treasure before running out of air. Menacing sea creatures will hone in on you to delay your descent. You can avoid them or kill them with your spear gun. A mermaid will take you to more advanced levels.

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