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January 2021 Retro Gaming Article

January 20, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Skate: The Card Game is a casual, fast-paced tabletop game where you must land five tricks before your opponents!

Skate: The Card Game
You don't find many skateboarding tabletop games, so I'm all over this one!
Skate: The Card Game Having played video games for a numer of decades, I still love the tactile feel of cards, dice and all the unique parts of a table top game. I've loved Sk8 video games, so it's cool to come across this Kickstarter for Skate: The Card Game by Christian Shelton.

I love the visuals for this game. The cards feature bright colors and instantly remind me of skating's late-80s color pallet. The art is really slick across the whole game from the decks of cards to packaging. It establishes a good vibe! Sounds like a lot of fun for a simple card game, but don't underestimate the fun. Land five tricks first and be the Skate King Of The Week!

Skate: The Card Game is a casual, fast-paced card game for skaters and non-skaters alike. The goal is to land five tricks before your opponents - without eating pavement! The gameplay seems easy to learn as a casual game.

Landing tricks comes from color matching the shoes you need to necessary stance for your trick. If you buy two copies of the game you can expand to 8 players. I'm guessing this game gets out of control fast when you add beer.

Check out their Kickstarter and follow along on social media. This game needs to blow up and meet it's goals. There are only a few weeks left- go for it!

Skate: The Card Game

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