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August 16, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Retro Fighters are bringing wireless controllers to the original PlayStation and PS2

Defender joystick for PS1 and PS2 by Retro Fighters
Sony hasn't changed their controllers much over the years. Retro Fighters have a slick new design for older PlayStations!
Retro fighters have been revolutionizing controllers for retro game consoles with great success. The first controller I bought from them was for my NES and I loved it. Now they have a new option for the original PlayStation and PS2, called the Defender. Check out their PlayStation Defender controller Kickstarter for all the details.

They're wireless, using 2.4 Ghz, and work with the PS1 & 2 via dongles connected to the console's controller ports. The same dongle works for wireless compatibility on both the PS1 and PS2. They say it's rechargeable battery is good for 10 hours with a 30-foot range and has a rumble feature among others.

We've loved their products on the NES and N64. Their modern adaption of features to these older Nintendo consoles brought new life to games and super-charged our desire to delve into a lot of old games we hadn't played in ages. While the original control schemes for these consoles are simple, the comfort and options brought on by the Retro Fighter's controllers makes a stunning difference.

I'd love to see a controller for the old Atari consoles. A combo 2600 and 7800 controller would be amazing! In the mean time, boost your PlayStation skills with wireless controller for Sony's first two consoles!

Defender joystick for PS1 and PS2 by Retro Fighters

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