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November 11, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Everything electronic is delayed these days including the upcoming Playdate handheld console

Atari XP
On the bright side, they discovered a battery defect and are able to correct it for the upcoming shipments.
It's quirky.It's weird. And like all electronics these days... it's delayed. The Playdate is a unique handheld game console with a hand crank controller. It operates on a subscription download service and I simply had to have one. Alas, the delays.

It seems the chip shortage we read about has varying degrees of seriousness. Some of the things I've ordered have been delayed a month or two, the Playdate's main chip was off the market for two YEARS! Thankfully they were able to modify their boards to work with another more available chip. However the early 2022 delivery date is off the table. Hard to say how much later it will be, but I'm guessing around next Fall (I hope).

I know COVID had disrupted a lot of things, but living in the US, I have to wonder if this isn't part of some domestic government effort to stifle any sort of prosperity. The old white men who run things here, like to send out subtle reminders that we need to work harder to make them rich... at our expense of course.

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