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April 26, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Domino's Pizza and Sony mascots are at it again as the Noid returns to taunt, annoy, and battle Crash Bandicoot

The Noid is back to battle Crash Bandicoot
Both mascots ruled for a time in the 80s & 90s and now they've joined forces (maybe) in a mobile game, Crash On The Run.
In crazy times, we need stability and understanding, but it looks like we're getting chaos instead. Domino's Pizza is bringing back their 90's mascot, The Noid. He wound up in his own NES game, Yo Noid, in 1990. I always liked Crash Bandicoot and I'm stoked he's back on my PS4 and Switch. One might think this is a PS5 download, but no.

The Noid is back to battle Crash Bandicoot I was hoping for a console meet-up of these two, but the Noid is joining Crash in a mobile game - Crash On The Run. This is part of Domino's marketing plan for their self-driving pizza delivery vehicles. The Noid will apparently be interrupting the self-driving cars and battling with Crash in this infinite-runner.

Seems to me driverless vehicles are precarious enough without some crazy creature wreaking havoc. This may prompt you to wonder why a company would advertise a new technology of this sort with an age-old mascot known fo causing disruption and trouble. Even Elon Musk has had some self-driving problems. Will Domino's still have a 30-minute guarantee? Will countless lives be lost to runaway pizza vehicles? only time will tell.

Anyway, I dig the Noid and am looking forward to checking out this game even though it sounds like the Noid's appearance is a limited time aspect of the predominantly Crash-centric game.

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