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June 2021 Retro Gaming Article

June 26, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Did you get a copy of Heavy Metal Parking Lot's 35th anniversary edition on VHS?

Strange things were afoot in that Maryland parking lot before Judas Priest took the stage.
Lunchmeat logo It's hard to believe Heavy Metal Parking Lot has reached it's 35th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, LUnchmeat released a few variations, some with t-shirt bundles, on VHS cassettes. This underground documentary can also be found on DVD through other sellers.

As a limited run of only 100 copies, there were 20 zebra-stripe versions and 80 of the standard black cassette shells. This VHS tape includes the following: Heavy Metal Parking Lot: 17 min, The Story Behind HMPL with Jeff Krulik: 8 min, HMPL Alumni: Where Are They Now?: 19 min, HMPL Outtakes: 8 min and Channel 4 News 1990 with Jeff Krulik: 6 min.

Gotta like that double edge of retro goodness. I missed out on the zebra stripe video cassette, but ordered the standard VHS and a shirt to go with it!

Heavy Metal Parking Lot's 35th anniversary edition on VHS
From the Lunchmeat website:
The 1986 underground documentary HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT captures metalhead fans in their mid-80's heyday. It's a bootleg favorite among musicians, movie stars, and cult-video fans worldwide. This authorized 35th-anniversary edition includes the uncut documentary and more. Join filmmakers John Heyn and Jeff Krulik and relive the glory days.

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