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June 2021 Retro Gaming Article

June 13, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Microsoft's success with GamePass is leading toward incorporating the Xbox into TVs- just add a controller

Microsoft is incorporating the Xbox into TVs
As digital downloads dominate and console futures are questionable, will TV-connected controllers be the last holdout of video game hardware?
Microsoft is working with TV manufacturers to incorporate the Xbox gaming experience on smart-TVs. As the success of Game Pass grows, it will expand the player-base through streaming on TVs. With an Xbox'd TV all you would need is a controller to play Xbox games on your TV.

I have to wonder if Sony is thinking along the same lines. As a TV Manufacturer, I'd imagine it would be easier for them to inject some PlayStation magic into their high-end TVs than Microsoft partnerships. I'm assuming this woud all entail some form of cloud-based streaming of video games. Are gamers ready to totally ditch physical copies? I need to see if there are any sales statistics for the two PS5 consoles and how the disc-less version is selling compared to the typical console with an optical drive and Blu-ray player. If nothing else, I would think a lot of folks like to watch DVDs on their game console.

I love physical media whether it's music, movies, or video games. At the same time I see the appeal of digital downloads, but it's not for me. Incorporating Xbox gaming into smart TVs seems the next logical step in advancing interest in digital-only gaming experiences. For me it goes gack to my excitement over movie streamers like Netflix who touted massive libraries of movies. Alas, the truth is they have tons of garbage films and rotate the good movies in and out of the service.

I like to have more control over my entertainment and not have to rely so heavily on corporate outsiders who care more about profits than my viewing experience. Finding a game, movie, or CD in my own collection is much more rewarding to me than sifting through online menues only to discover they don't offer what I wanted. My collection at home never fails me. Always there. Always fun!

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