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July 2021 Retro Gaming Article

July 29, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari announced release of a modernized version of 1983's Food Fight arcade game for their VCS console

Atari's  modernized version of Food Fight
I loved Food Fight for the Atari 7800 and would love to see Charley Chuck on modern consoles.
Food Fight for the Atari 7800 is one of my favorite games for that console. I recently had the opportunity to play the arcade game at Funspot Arcade - a first for me! Today Atari announced they are modernizing the game for their recently released VCS game console.

While I passed on the new VCS (I did buy one of those cool looking joysticks) I'm certain any game developed for it by Atari will be ported to consoles with larger user-bases. Releasing in 2022, Megacat Studios is developing the title and say it will come to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

It will feature 3D graphics, new characters and co-op play with online components. This is a great game to reboot and I'm excited to see it on modern platforms.

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