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April 22, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Evercade's handheld will release a cartridge compatible console for your TV in November

Play your Evercade games on your big TV
Using the cartridges you've already collected, the Evercade VS console enables four players to enjoy these games on a TV!
With four players and two cartridge slots, the Evercade VS console lets you play your existing game cartridges on the television via HDMI. Coming in November, this game console based around 2020's coolest new handheld game console will bring multiplayer fun to it's unique multi-game cartridges.

You'll be able to use your Evercade handheld as a "controller" on the VS as well as many USB and wireless controllers. They purport to output your favorite retro games at 1080p with its Quad Core 1.5 Ghz processor. With an updated interface, you'll have both save and load states which are slated to be added to the handheld version via the same interface as the VS.

Play your Evercade games on your big TV To keep costs down, the VS console will not ship with an HDMI cable nor a wall adapter for the micro USB power cord. On the other hand all of the images have shown it with two controllers, so it seems likely you'll get two in the box.

The Verge reported on an interesting compatibility issue. While all the carts you bought for your handheld are compatible with the upcoming Evercade VS, some licensing agreements preclude the games from the VS console. The Namco collections were mentioned as only licensed for the handheld.

If you own the handheld Evercade, the VS console seems like a natural progression... at least for us. We love a good handheld, but a big TV is king. On the other hand, a surprising number of Switch gamers say they rarely connect to the TV and that's with the feature built-in! We love the dual cart slots and ability to play their retro gaming collections on the big screen. Keep an eye out for pre-orders!

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