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March 9, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

No sooner was Audacity Games announced and we have the first game arriving in days

Audacity Games Circus Convoy
Circus Convoy will be on sale March 13 with another game, Casey's Gold, coming this summer!
Newly founded retro gaming developer Audacity Games announced Circus Convoy will be released March 13th. I love that they are hitting the ground running with a first release. So many brilliant companies announce themselves and then disappear for months to create their wares. Priced around $60 it will be interesting to see how many games they plan on creating each year.

It's really exciting to see what Activision's best developers from gaming's origins will come up with in the modern era of PlayStations and Xboxes. Maybe they'll develop some games for Intellivision's Amico console. There will be strong support at the start as folks line up to see what Audacity can bring to 2021. As time marches onward, I hope they can succeed in today's gaming landscape.

Here is an excerpt about the game. Be sure to check out their full Circus Convoy press release:
The brand new, never before released game CIRCUS CONVOY, designed for the Atari 2600 by David Crane and Garry Kitchen, is a multi-screen action adventure where gamers play as "Andre the Magnificent", a circus strongman tasked with finding a saboteur among the speeding convoy trucks and sideshow trailers of a traveling Big-Top circus.

The game features a variety of nostalgic mini-games, numerous circus props and dozens of adventure-style puzzles to solve. Designed with innovative state-of-the-art graphics, CIRCUS CONVOY will be available on the Audacity Games Web Portal on Saturday, March 13th and at select retro video game stores this quarter.

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