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April 28, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Chicken Range is as dreadful as reviews have stated, but it contains a Flappy Bird clone as a bonus game

Chicken Range is dreadful but contains a Flappy Bird clone
I never had a Super Scope or Super Zapper, so this Joy Con wielding sawed-off shotgun will be the first addition to my Nintendo arsenal. Ok, I have a Zapper somewhere.
When I saw Chicken Range at Best Buy, I knew I had to have it, but I resisted. Deeply discounted as a 2020 release, for Nintendo Switch, I suspected it might be awful. I took the time to read some reviews and most of them said it was bad - like do-not-buy-it BAD. However, I stumbled across one review mentioning there was a Flappy Bird clone as a bonus game. Sold! I went back to Best Buy the next day.

The wonderful thing about Flappy Bird on my Android phone is the savage difficulty. Rarely do I break into double digit scores. Yeah, I flail that quickly, it's really difficult. But the aggravation and frustration kind of make it fun. This clone contained within Chicken Range lacks the savagery. It's much easier. Just wanted to throw that out there for amy hardcore Flappy Bird players. It's a clone and combined in a kids game, so no big surprise that it lacks the challenge of the original. But the game comes with a swanky 17" gun for your Joy Cons.

Most games with gun-controllers are marketed to young kids. They're easily fooled by propaganda suggesting they might like a gun. Thus the game is usually awful, but the kid wants the gun. Alternate controllers are fun and various companies have come up with some whacky stuff. As an adult, I was thinking beer might make this more fun and I love Flappy Bird. It's a win for me. Dumb game with Flappy Bird. I'm all about the Flappy Bird!

In all honesty, this isn't the sort of game that would typically get a physical release, let alone a bundle with a gun-controller. The whole thing seemed so crazy, I kind of wanted it for the novelty. I bought it for $19.99, so it's not such a bad deal with the bundle.

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