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September 30, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you liked Missile Command Recharged, check out how Atari has “Recharged” Centipede with lots of extras

Atari Centipede Recharged
Centipede Recharged brings a lot of new dynamics and modern attributes to this reboot. Not a quick & dirty remake.
I loved what they did with Missile Command Recharged, but after playing the similarly modernized Centipede game, it makes this Recharged version far more advanced than just the visuals. With familiar gameplay as the original 80's classic, Centipede Recharged offers power-ups in the form of dual fire, rapid-fire, spread shot, and effects slowing time.

The manic pace of the original is well preserved, but takes the mania further with an assortment of challenges that are akin to mini-games, separate from the core bug-zapping game we've all loved for decades. Arcade games notoriously wanted you to keep putting in more quarters or tokens thus the games themselves were quite short and difficult. As games began migrating to home consoles like the Atari 2600 or Colecovision, those challenging games could be tackled by brute force on the living room floor.

Even with today's modern reboot, Centipede Recharge offers those notoriously short sessions, but is fun and challenging enough to draw you back time and again. There are plenty of games delivering hours of continuous play. For me, I love a short difficult game. Going back to a favorite game is something I still love about gaming. Centipede is a classic and the Recharged version is a delight to return to for a quick game or in-depth session. Check it out!

Atari Centipede Recharged

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