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May 2021 Retro Gaming Article

May 5, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Remember the controversy and fervor over Flappy Bird? Give Candy Bird - The Flappy Saga a whirl

Candy Bird - The Flappy Saga
Same frustration level. New challenges. Still lots of fun!
Candy Bird - the Flappy Saga makes me smile and reminisce about a time when a similar game (named Flappy Bird) was at peek popularity to the point at which when the developer removed the game from online stores (under strange circumstances), maniacs were paying top dollar for a used phone with Flappy Bird installed. The fun and frustration captivated the masses.

This newcomer to the world of Flap, has the same steep success curve (I rarely achieve double digit scores) and adds a candy collecting element to further draw attention away from the best path of flight. For me it's a brilliant blend between love and hate. I love many things about this game, but mainly it's simplicity. I'm terrible at it and my frustration looms around throwing my phone at the wall - haven't yet - but it's tempting.

Candy Bird will begin playing ads when you bail too many times. This is what once drove the revenue of Flappy Bird through the roof. Give Candy Bird - The Flappy Saga a whirl. We think it's good annoying fun!

Candy Bird - The Flappy Saga Candy Bird - The Flappy Saga lets you tap to flap and keep your bird airborne. Sounds simple, but you'll tear your hair out. But you'll have fun doing it.
Candy Bird - The Flappy Saga Collecting candy is a new distraction as if navigating the Mario-like pipes wasn't difficult enough. Good fun!

Check out Candy Bird - The Flappy Saga for Android mobile.

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