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April 2020 Retro Gaming Article

April 23, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari announce the VCS video game console has entered the mass production phase

VCS is in mass production phase
An initial run of 500 consoles is underway, but earmarked for developers, retailers and testing - not indigogo backers.
After collecting $3 million from Indigogo backers years ago, Atari announced they are entering the mass production phase of their VCS game console project. They are starting with 500 units... none of which are going to backers. These consoles are slated for business purposes, including standard reliability testing. Every step forward seems shrouded in a dozen reasons to give up on this console.

The brief announcement offered no dates and confirmed backers will not be getting andy of the initial manufacturing run of units. They state a larger run of 10,000 consoles will be next. No dates. I think a lot of people just ordered a modern CX-40 joystick (I did). I wonder when that will ship. From Atari or the manufacturer?

Typical of Atari, they offered just enough info to sound like they had news, but without any sort of time frame, what good is this info? Backers have been waiting YEARS for the new VCS. So, now they are mass producing 500 units that are not shipping to any backers or customers. How long does testing take? How soon after testing will the 10,000 units be manufactured? Atari always stirs up more questions than answers. But that should no longer surprise anyone.

I hope they can pull this off and deliver something. I'm in it for a swanky modern joystick,but as a company I'd like to see Atari succeed at something in the modern era. The Jaguar was the last console they released and it made an initial splash at retail, but faded quickly amidst a lot of mediocre games. It would be nice to see Atari successful once again.

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