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January 2020 Retro Gaming Article

January 7, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Here's a great stash of Van Halen's best work on cassettes

This is an awesome display of what retro is all about and brings back great memories of arcade road trips!
Non-functioning Atari VCS at the Kingston booth - E3 Having discovered Van Halen in high school I collected their album on vinyl. I loved the sound of vinyl and recorded all my albums to cassettes, keeping the records as "masters" in a manner of speaking. When in in-dash stereo ate Diver Down - no prob - get out the album and make a new tape.

We never made a weekend trek to the arcades without a serious stash of Van Halen. They offered a unique brand of rock n roll and everything Eddie played was revered by us all as we headed out for Defender, Wizard Of Wor, Berzerk, Galaxian, Moon Patrol and countless others.

As time marched on, I abandoned cassettes in favor of those shiny new CDs. Over time I re-purchased all my favorite music on those shiny discs, never stopping to think I'd one day yearn for the rattling spools of tape that blasted David Lee Roth though the car. I still pick up cassettes now and then, but I always have some Van Halen nearby!

I found this pic on Facebook and would love to give credit, but the app refreshed and sent his amazing post off into the ether.

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