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January 2020 Retro Gaming Article

January 4, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

A TMNT episode on Nickelodeon shows the Turtle's video gaming passion includes the Intellivision

Will a TMNT game be on the Intellivision Amico?
We hope the Turtles are excited to add the Amico console this Fall!
A viewer of Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show posted this image of the Turtles with an Intellivision video game console on their table. As fans of pizza and video games, it's nice to see they have an affinity for Mattel's Intellivision!

Will a TMNT game be on the Intellivision Amico? The folks at Intellivision reTweeted the image suggesting they would like to work with Nickelodeon on a game. Could this mean a TMNT game may come to the Intellivision Amico? Sounds like Intellivision is for it. Based on current demos and videos, it would be an epic TMNT game!

They seem open to expanding their new platform to wide array of game possibilities. You really need to see how they approached both Moon Parol and Breakout. They retain familiarity, but take it to amazing new heights. From what they've shown so far, the Amico could really become a big deal this fall!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles play Intellivision

If It Isn't Nintendo, Sony Or Microsoft - It Must Be An Ouya

The Ouya is often the reference point for any smaller or failed game system. Some folks expect consoles like the Amico to be a similarly niche device with less support and consumer interest. While the Ouya came to market with an online store and numerous developers, it simply didn't sell well beyond the Kickstarter backers. Without substantial retail sales, it's hard to justify the system's continuation.

I loved my Ouya from it's performance to it's design. It was a wonderful little cube of gaming. Alas, it came and went. But this happened in an era of folks deriding anything they could confine to the definition of "Android box." This term was coined as a negative stance toward anything not created by the Big Three in the console business. This negative term reached far beyond devices using an Android OS.

The Amico should NOT be confined to any previous definition. It's development and positioning has been nothing but professional and exciting to follow. Everyone should keep an eye on this console. I feel it will be a game-changer in more ways than one!

Amico Can Become A Retail Contender

I think the Intellivision Amico has real potential to break through at the retail level and be a contender on store shelves. They have a long way to go in terms of spreading the word, but everything they are doing is astounding from the system itself, explaining it's game standards and showing examples of upcoming titles. They are keeping fans well informed and maintaining excitement around the Amico console's October launch.

When you see what Atari is doing regarding launch of their updated VCS console, there's no comparison. The Ouya has seen more success than the new VCS. Atari likes to be mysterious to the point of creating doubt about proof-of-concept regarding their new hardware. No games. No game footage. Their strategy fosters more questions than answers and they want to launch to backers this month (January 2020).

Intellivision Amico is letting people know their system is for families. They're getting folks to hang out together on the couch and play video games together again - no shouting into headsets. It seems like a dream console to me - everything I'd want in a new console that has great retro vibes. However, Intellivision needs to make the Amico known to a wider audience than gamers who follow such things. They need widespread advertising - web, print, TV. New systems can't rely on gamers alone. It has to be more mainstream than just a gaming audience. It needs huge buzz!

I hope they succeed, as they've done everything right and they deserve success as much as we deserve a fantastic new console that understands the modern and retro gaming audiences.

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