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April 2020 Retro Gaming Article

April 4, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Comic book titans IDW and Dark Horse join forces to bring Transformers Vs. The Terminator

Transformers Vs. The Terminator comicbook mini series Transformers Vs. The Terminator comic book cover
This four-issue mini series stands to deliver all the raging robot action you've always wanted in comics.
Transformers Vs. The Terminator comicbook mini series Apparently a "what if" idea of merging the Transformers with the time traveling Terminators had bounced around a lot, but never in a serious way. Finally, the idea came around again and IDW Publishing and Dark Horse Comics went for it. With a good versus evil dynamic in each universe, there's some good overlap in which to make an interesting story.

I've read the storyline involves a T-800 Terminator going back in time to decimate Cybertron ensure his future. The first of the 4-part mini series was due to arrive March 25. As with most dates and timelines these days, we have to mention the global pandemic and it's wrath on every aspect of life... including reading comic books. This series may be delayed or at the very least delivered once stores reopen - if you buy comics from a local retailer.

I still need to purchase the Dark Fate DVD and the tie-in video game for PS4. Hopefully we can all catch up on our entertainment once the coronavirus subsides. Until then, I'm down for a Transformers and Terminator movie night!

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