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January 8, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Terminator Resistance launched and I'm convinced I'll enjoy hours of shooting at Cyberdyne's finest bots

Terminator Resistance for PS4
Amidst luke-warm reviews, I'm hoping for the best it satisfies my inner need for Terminator video games.
Launching January 7 for PS4 and Xbox One, Terminator: Resistance is now available. The game is for one-player only, but has some interesting options as you progress through the game. Choices seem to play significant roles in the game's final outcome. I'm not sure if this means it has more replay value or if these choices are minor to gameplay in-that-moment.

I'm curious to play it, despite the negative reviews. I think many reviews tend to compare games to other games that may be more robust, while still in the same genre. My tolerance for poor games is pretty high. I love the Terminator franchise and would love to see more games feeding on this lore. At the same time, I'm pretty forgiving of lousy games as long as they cater to a genre or topic I like. I'm certain, I'll like Terminator: Resistance a lot more than most reviewers.

Terminator Resistance for PS4 I enjoy hearing other's stories and playing through them in-game. Terminator is such a rich and dark IP, I can't resist a new game with scads of metal robots to shoot at. Yeah, I think I'll like this game just fine. I am inclined to wait for it to hit a new price point in the bargain-bin.

Terminator games are fairly scarce compared to vast film franchise. I wish there were more games. The last one I played was Terminator Salvation on the PS3 which was a 2-player game leading through the movie's basic plot. While not a stellar game, I like it. I'm down for a new Terminator video game. It's an exciting franchise and I don't need the tie-in game to rival COD or any other modern shooter. Just gimme some evil Cyberdyne robots to battle against! I still love Berzerk - bring it on!

Terminator Resistance for PS4

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