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February 29, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Pie and a movie with Stuber on DVD and Mrs. Smith's apple pie is much simpler than online streaming interfaces

Stuber and apple pie
Stuber is an underrated comedy with plenty of action, goes well with pie, and DVD is a better experience than streaming!
While the majority of people I know churn through poorly designed user interfaces on their televisions, I look through my DVD collection and chose a recent purchase, Stuber. Paired with apple pie, my night is set. Now and then, I hear of a Netflix original and feel a bit left out, but overall, I find the online entertainment experience restrictive and difficult to use in a timely manner.

I like the convenience of shopping with Amazon which led me to get a FireStick and Prime which gives me access to a decent amount of options. The problem is - discovery. If I have a specific show or movie in mind, I can easily find out if it's available through my FireStick, but if I just want to browse for something interesting, it can take twenty minutes or more to find nothing I'm interested in watching!

Convenience is lost when there are too many streaming services.
That DVD I pulled out... I spent five minutes looking through my movies and then grabbed Stuber. As a passionate fan of the weekend Blockbuster experience, I love sifting through my DVD collection. I've been adding to it since buying Twister, one of the first titles offered in 1997. Sure Amazon offeres many more titles than I own, but my collection is tailored to my interests. The FireStick gives access to tons of garbage I'd never want to watch, but I have to sort through too much garbage to find a good flick.

I added the FireStick in an effort to add more new movie options. I love watching my favorite DVDs multiple times, but it's nice to see something new. I prefer owning my media (video games, music, movies) and I'm glad I do because finding a good film to stream is pure frustration. Still I wanted some access to things outside my DVDs. I loved Sneaky Pete, but I knew about it and it was easy to watch the seasons.

Every month I see a list of films being removed from Netflix. My DVDs are always available! I'm biased toward physical media and owning my entertainment media, but I see the convenience of streaming. The problem is there are dozens of streaming services.

The physical media you own is available 24/7.
It used to be as simple as adding Netflix. Now, when you tell your cable company you no longer want their TV service, you don't save money because there are ten different streaming services you'll need to get all the content you want.

Each of these services has it's own awful user interface. What used to be one service from the cable company (yes, all cable companies are dreadful) is now in silos from the myriad of streaming companies. To find something to stream (watch at home) you may have to navigate through a dozen different interfaces provided by each of the services you subscribe to.

Entertainment content in silos with non-uniform interfaces across multiple delivery services. Is this more convenient? Is this saving you time? Does it make watching a movie a better experience?

It may not be Blockbuster in size, but I love my DVDs and all the music and games I have on physical media! And Mrs. Smith's pies are insanely easy to prepare.

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