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April 2020 Retro Gaming Article

April 30, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Wayo Records releases Mega Drive Streets of Rage and Streets of Rage 2 soundtracks

Mega Drive Streets of Rage soundtrack
Both are available as digital downloads, on CD with extra bonuses, and full-retro on cassette tape!
The first two Streets of Rage soundtracks are coming to digital, CD, and cassette via Wayo Records. I love that they are being pushed to cassette - apparently for the first time! This sounds like a pretty cool release.

From the press release:
Wayo Records is thrilled to make available the acclaimed Mega Drive soundtracks to Streets of Rage and Streets of Rage II composed by Yuzo Koshiro in digital, CD, and cassette tape formats. The new CD release of Streets of Rage II follows Wayo Records's 2017 Streets of Rage digital and CD release with new commentary from Koshiro and a 17-minute-long megamix by composer Shinji Hosoe.

A digital release of Streets of Rage II will follow in the coming months and both will also be released on cassette tape for the first time ever.

Mega Drive Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack


    SIDE A

  • The Streets of Rage
  • Player Select
  • Fighting in the Street
  • Attack in the Barbarian
  • Round Clear
  • Dilapidated town
  • Moon Beach
  • Keep the groovin
  • Beatnik on the ship

    SIDE B

  • Stealthy Steps
  • Violent Breathing
  • The last Soul
  • Big boss
  • You became the bad guy!
  • My little baby
  • Up & up
  • The Super Threc
  • Name Entry
  • Game Over
  • Rave Dance in the City
  • Skyscraper Night
  • Quiet Insanity


    SIDE A

  • S.O.R Super Mix
  • Player Select
  • Go Straight (Game)
  • In The Bar
  • Never Return Alive
  • Round Clear
  • Spin On The Bridge
  • Ready Funk
  • Dreamer
  • Alien Power
  • Under Logic

    SIDE B

  • Too Deep
  • Slow Moon
  • Wave 131
  • Jungle Base
  • Back To The Industry
  • Expander
  • Max Man
  • Revenge of Mr. X
  • Good End
  • Game Over
  • Walking Bottom
  • Little Money Avenue

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