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April 2020 Retro Gaming Article

April 17, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Selena Gomez is suing a Chinese mobile game publisher and UK developer for stealing her likeness

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Clothes Forever - Styling Game apparently "borrowed" the likenesses of several celebrities in addition to Selena.
Singer and actor, Selena Gomez is suing a Chinese video game company for using her likeness in a mobile game, called Clothes Forever - Styling Game. She is suing publisher Guangzhou Fiedong Software Technology and developer MutantBox Interactive Limited for $10 million. I'm sure they figured they could snatch a five-year-old image and get away with it, but at the same time, other celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift.

I'm not sure what success rate one has when suing a Chinese mobile game publisher. Lindsay Lohan tried the same thing with RockStar games over her "likeness" being used in Grand Theft Auto. Her case was much more ambiguous based on the likeness she objected to. It's actually a pose used by every teen girl who has ever taken a mirror-selfie.

Apparently, Gomez was most perturbed over the game's minimization. Prices went up to $99 to buy currency to be used in-game. Allegations of game bugs was also mentioned. Sounds like on of hundreds of lame disposable games that quickly become boring. We'll see if Gomez does better with the legal system than Lindsay. Go buy Selena's album, Rare - great album!

Selena Gomez in Flare Magazine Selena Gomez on the November 2015 cover of Flare magazine.
Selena Gomez in a mobile game The likeness of Selena Gomez mirrored from a magazine cover for the Clothes Forever - Styling Game.

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