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April 2020 Retro Gaming Article

April 27, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

In development for nearly two decades, Atari 2600 homebrew Robot City has a new release

Robot City for Atari 2600 by Thomas Jentzsch
Although a work-in-progress, Thomas Jentzsch's game is fun, strategic, and well thought out!
Thomas Jentzsch's homebrew game Robot City began in 2002 and recently received an update in 2020. It's a really good game! Naturally, we'd like to see more frequent updates, but lives become busy and other priorities can arise. If you've tried the game before - or never heard of it - give the latest revision a try! You can download the latest WIP version of Robot City on Atariage.

Robot City title screen Set in the year 2601, Robot City puts you in control of a Hypercopter because you are the last hope as a mechanical enemy takes over. It's you against the iBots (tanks). You can fire on them or trick their A into making them shoot each other.

Each wave is a randomly generated maze, keeping the gameplay fresh and unique. Five levels of difficulty lets you set the right pace in this single player game. Although, while the iBots are automated to hunt you down, plugging in a second joystick lets a friend control them!

Robot City is based on an Odyssey 2 prototype game Robot City written by Graham Thomasson. I highly recommend downloading this game and check it out in your favorite emulator!

Robot City gameplay screen

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