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September 2020 Retro Gaming Article

September 21, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Retro Game Stands turn stacks of loose games into organized tiers for displaying cartridges

This is a really clever way to display retro game cartridges - no teetering stacks!
Retro Game Stands rovides tiers for displaying cartridges Storing retro game cartridges has never been easy. The titles on splines are often quite small and some carts only have front-facing labels. Retro Game Stands solves this issue with an elegant display using a tiered system allowing carts to be placed securely on rising rows - front to back. This is similar to stadium seating in movie theaters and seems like a great way to show off and organize your game carts.

Retro Game Stands rovides tiers for displaying cartridges This is such a simple idea, yet I've never seen it done before. Simply turning games from the sides facing out on shelves to letting you see the front-facing label is a great idea. This is the sort of product that can change the look of your game room instantly! Genius!

Joe Bourrie from Syncoplay had been creating these stands via 3D printing for his Etsy store. His idea has outgrown that approach so he is using Kickstarter to create his game cart stands from injection molds. This will give them a much nicer robust look. He has several multipack tiers available on the Retro Game Stand Kickstarter page.

Your carts rest on the various levels (six total tiers per stand) by a custom designed attachment point shaped to guide the cart onto the resting point of the stand and held in place by the PCB's edge connection. You can even organize by game variants and platforms on a single stand. This is a very creative product! It's terrific for SNES games that are hard to shelve on-end to read the title labels and even better for N64 games that totally lack end labels.

I just discovered this project today and the Kickstarter ends very soon. If you dig this idea, jump on it soon!

Retro Game Stands rovides tiers for displaying cartridges

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