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March 2020 Retro Gaming Article

March 3, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari is releasing Missile Command: Recharged as indiegogo backers wonder when the new VCS will ship

Missile Command: Recharged for Android and iOS
Atari touts this mobile game as a modern take on the beloved Missile Command arcade game.
Atari announced Missile Command: Recharged, an upcoming mobile game for Android and iOS. This update to Missile Command will be released this Spring to coincide with the arcade game's 40th anniversary. It will be a free download with ads, but a one-time purchase will eliminate the ads. It's gameplay has been updated with power-ups and an Augmented Reality (AR) mode that lets you project it into an arcade cabinet.

I'm glad that Atari is releasing this game, but I wish they'd treat more of their retro IPs to such re-releases. I feel too many of their iconic games are trapped in the past. Love the original versions, but other companies are doing amazing things with your favorite retro games.

Lately, Intellivision has been getting a lot of press-attention with news and demos of some retro titles for their upcoming Amico Game Console. I've been very impressed with their updates to Moon Patrol and Breakout. It shows a unique understanding of what made the original games fun and how a modern console might deliver a modern experience with the fun of the retro version.

I loved Missile command and always played it when visiting arcades in the 80s. Almost 40 years later an arcade near my home has a cocktail Missile Command! During the years in between I've played Missile command in various formats on several Atari home consoles, Game Boy Color, and an interesting version on the Playstation. I'd almost forgotten how nice it is to play the arcade version with a trackball and the three individually controlled missile bases.

This looks like fun, but I'm not sure if mobile gaming will satisfy my Atari needs, having played so many in arcades and home consoles.

Missile Command: Recharged for Android and iOS
Atari's announcement of Missile Command: Recharged comes not long after Atari announced their chain of hotels catering to gamers - Atari Hotel. I'll laugh if Atari can build a hotel in Phoenix before figuring out how to release their VCS game console.

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