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February 26, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

JIF Peanut Butter released a limited edition GIF jar in an effort to settle the pronunciation debate

JIF Peanutbutter's GIF jar
I'm all about Skippy Super Crunch and that file format is pronounced with a hard 'G'
Jif Peanut Butter printed up these limited edition jars with Jif on one side and Gif on the other. This was a promotional stunt - the limited edition jars sole out in minutes - was based around the pronunciation of the abbreviation for "Graphics Interchange Format" - GIF. There's been a debate about the "G" being a hard sound like in Graphic or soft as in Jif Peanut butter.

This is a pretty creative and fun campaign. Being a tech nerd and lover of PB&J sandwiches, I was down for it. However the news coverage seemed not to understand the decision rendered by Jif, who said...
"WHEN IS IT OK TO CALL A GIF A "JIF"? NEVER," the peanut butter maker protested. "Jif is peanut butter. GIFs are looping animations."

I agree with this - Gif is pronounced with a hard "G" as written on the mock peanut butter jar. However, news outlets like CNN seemed to think the Jif Peanut butter folks followed along with Graphics Interchange Format creator, Steve Wilhite, who says it's a soft "G". Then all the other outlets, who blindly copy and paste from one source, all began saying Jif sided with the soft "G". Untrue, but lemmings are designed to follow.

Since Jif had their pronunciation printed on the jar itself, it's kind of hard to misinterpret that. Here's their Tweet to clarify. Alas, as I said above, I'm a fan of Skippy and Reeses, so I admire the clarification and clever ad campaign, but I'm sown with my Super Chunk!

JIF Peanutbutter's GIF tweet

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