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June 2020 Retro Gaming Article

June 11, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Are drive-in movie theaters the new safe haven, from coronavirus, for seeing movies on the big screen?

Drive-in theater showing Bella Thorne in Infamous Drive-in theater showing Bella Thorne in Infamous
Still mired in the uncertainty of a global pandemic, drive-in theaters seem like a safe way to watch films on large screens.
Just a few months ago, as theaters shutdown due to the coronavirus, Hollywood seemed to take it's entire lineup of Summer films and delay them until next summer, as if no one cared to see any movies for an entire year. Movies are still being released, but they go streaming services... and drive-ins?

Movie poster of Bella Thorne in Infamous It seems just a few years ago, the future of drive-In Theaters was uncertain due to Hollywood's transition to all-digital distribution. Most drive-in theaters didn't want the expense of changing their projection systems to digital since movies were still being distributed on analog reels. When that came to an abrupt end, a fear rippled the demise of drive-in theaters. Sure, some had converted, but most had not and couldn't afford to.

Now we have a global pandemic with no cure or vaccine and the only way to combat it's spread is to avoid other people. It spreads from person to person... so stay away from people. Traditional movie theaters seem like a bad idea with row after row of patrons and their various infections. Might drive-in theaters save the day? We can socially distance ourselves in our cars and in the great outdoors, the risks are lower.

Bella Thorne is a marketing genius and a really gifted actor who stars in the recently released film, Infamous. She's been getting people to hit up drive-in theaters to catch her movie. Great idea. I love drive-in theaters and think it wold be great if they had a resurgence as a safer way to see films on the big screen!

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