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January 2020 Retro Gaming Article

January 6, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

More proof that arcades are the perfect backdrop to any photo shoot

Indiana Massara at the Moonlight Rollerway's arcade
Indiana Massara at the Moonlight Rollerway's arcade in Glendale, CA
Now and then we find a photo shoot with an arcade backdrop and wonder why there aren't more of them. Arcades are great places with all sorts of themes. Sometimes they have an associated roller rink. Endless possibilities!

Indiana Massara and Casey Baer appeared in a few Instagram pics at the Moonlight Rollerway in front of an Aliens Extermination video game cabinet. No sign of skates, but we love seeing the illuminated quarter-slots which are becoming a rarity around my area in favor of swipe cards.

I first heard of Indiana Massara last year when she dropped a great cover of Tiffany's version of "I Think We're Alone Now" about the same time Tiffany herself dropped a reboot of the song that made her famous on her 1987 debut album. The original song was written by Ritchie Cordell and performed by Tommy James and the Shondells.

Indiana Massara and Casey Baer at the Moonlight Rollerway's arcade Indiana Massara has appeared in a few TV shows and webisode productions. She's been releasing singles as a singer since 2017. Her latest single is 2019's "Say It Back," available in all the usual places.
Indiana Massara and Casey Baer at the Moonlight Rollerway's arcade Pop recording artist Casey Baer hails from Los Angeles and her latest single, "Ghost" can be streamed from all the major sites.

You can follow both artists on Spotify as well as the usual social media platforms.

If you're out in Glendale, check out the Moonlight Rollerway to skate a few laps and drop a few quarters amidst your favorite disco tracks. It's located in a historic building, formerly built in the 1940s to manufacture airplane parts for the war.

It was later bought and converted into Harry's Roller Rink in 1956. A longtime employee bought it in 1985 and maintained the ambiance of it's era -and the no-nails tongue and groove flooring - allowing it to be featured in TV, movies and music videos!

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