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January 2020 Retro Gaming Article

January 22, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

GameStop's Deal-Of-The-Day ads appear so often in social media it's a bit worrisome

GameStop is in financial trouble and everyone knows it. This campaign feels like another attempt to stay afloat in the retail world.
GameStop's Deal Of The Day ad I have mixed feelings about GameStop. On one hand they are one of the few stores in my area that sell used games in a manner in which I can walk in and pick up the game I want to buy and inspect it. I prefer this to receiving a package in the mail only to discover the eBay seller has sent me garbage.

This isn't to say GameStop doesn't have it's shortcomings with used items. Many of their game discs look like they'd been retired as a beer-coaster and traded in towards a new game. I've selectively purchased many used games from them and been satisfied with the transactions.

Daily Deal Or Cry For Help?

So what's this new Deal Of The Day all about? I see these ads so often I get a feeling of desperation from GameStop. Might all be in my head - who knows. Their stores offer a mix of what's available online. These daily online deals give folks a good price on games they may not have seen in their local store.

People give GameStop a hard time, often it's deserved, but other times it is not. If they go out of business, I'll miss them. I don't buy new games very often, so they've been a good source for better pricing via used video games. Another personal preference is shopping at brick & mortar stores. I like to see, hold, and touch things before buying them. Online retail is convenient, but it doesn't satisfy many of my needs. GameStop isn't perfect, but they exist and serve a need I have.

Dumpsters Full Of Gaming's History

On a larger scale, i'm sure GameStop is responsible for putting a vast amount of gaming's history into landfills. There are few dumpsters worth diving more than those behind a GameStop. They seem to consider anything that is not a cartridge or disc as garbage. Game cases, manuals, original boxes - all trash to GameStop. Look in their dumpsters. You'll be astounded!

There are pros and cons to everything. Some things GameStop does benefit me, while other things drive me up the wall. It's the nature of retail and life - you can't please everyone. I'd miss the ease with which I can find used games, but they are also responsible for a lot of gaming's demise as valuable items are discarded. It's an ugly world we live in. You have to choose your enemies carefully. lol

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