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February 7, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

As human-garbage goes, Trump is little more than a convenience to the GOP as they shape the tragic future they've dreamt of

criminal Trump
It's rare to see so many grown men supporting a man who is clearly a criminal, unintelligent, and a chronic liar. Makes you wonder what they get out of it.
Today we learned that crimes are no longer illegal... at least for the President. Trump lives in a deluded world where his statements are the only "truth" anyone needs. Congress seems to support this notion.

The first thing I noticed about Trump was his inability to speak. His fourth-grade vocabulary combined with a lack of understanding about nearly everything, makes his speeches sound like a schoolyard bully desperate to be the center of attention. Eager for power, yet having none. It's his angry tone and cadence that make him sound moronic as his lies make up the substance of all his speeches.

When you see the GOP so ardently defend him, you should be scared. It isn't about Trump. He's simply a timely dupe to have befallen POTUS at a time when Republicans are set to dispense their wrath on the American citizenry. Now is a time that old white men see an opportunity to proliferate through the removal of all others. Minorities are being removed from the voting lists in droves. At the same time, healthcare is being denied to the widest group in humanity's history.

Wealthy old white men are seeing to it that the wealthy thrive while everyone else slides into the oblivion of poverty. Having a figurehead president who dispenses racism and hate, makes their job so much easier. The dopey President takes the blame as this country sinks toward an unrecognizable version of it's former self. Rich people used to be fairly dumb. Now we have ultra rich people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk. These are not your traditional billionaires. They made their money by being intelligent. Most of the wealthy have inherited their wealth and screwed over anyone who got in their way. The GOP isn't accustomed to intelligent wealth.

So why do so many folks support Trump? They share a lot in common with him. They want to get away with the things Trump does. He's one of them and they wan to be just like him. They want to get away with lying, cheating on their wives, letting their racists views define them. They're little versions of Trump. He thinks he fixed the economy. They think he did too. Strategies developed by the Obama are carrying forth and resulting in a better economy. Trump takes credit for this and calls the previous administration losers. Trump followers love name-calling. It feels as good to them today as id did in middle school, just a few decades ago. Like Trump, they haven't progressed and still love being bullies.

After the failed attempt t remove our moron President from office via impeachment, the breadth of his corruption becomes more evident. The GOP is desperate for him to be re-elected so they can continue their cleanse of America. If you think republicans care about people, just you wait. If re-elected, this country will become an unrecognizable pit of poverty surrounded by extreme wealth. You'll find cities full of untold riches surrounded by abject poverty as far as the eye can see. What seem like petty differences today, will be the fodder of localized wars tomorrow.

This is the result of destroying news organizations, the arts & culture, and a new norm where those who hate the most will survive the best. The GOP has its work cut out to ruin America to this level, but another four years of Trump and his insipid followers will aide the job tenfold. Keep voting for corruption and see it that puts you on top. It won't. It will put you just where the GOP wants you... top of the trash heap outside their thriving white cities.

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