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September 2020 Retro Gaming Article

September 29, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari shows pallets of new VCS game consoles prepped for shipping from China... still no delivery date

Pallets of new Atari VCS game consoles in China
Some folks are suggesting the Atari VCS consoles might be delivered to indiegogo backers by Christmas 2020.
Running about three years behind schedule on a set-top Linux box, Atari likes to keep their customers informed every eight months. Today, like all the past updates, we are told the release is just around the corner. OK, but if we've learned nothing else, Atari is a little less than reliable. Not that there aren't logistical issues to deal with when shipping from China during a global pandemic, but this latest email from Atari is as vague as anything else they've ever released.

I suspected this indiegogo campaign would likely be the same sort of fiasco as all Atari hardware projects over the last ten years or so. I opted for one of those retro/modern joystick that look like an updated CX-40. I thought it might be fun to have as an artifact of Atari if they ever released the new VCS. Laughably, this joystick is still not in production yet and was described in the Atari release as "remaining to be finished."

Another wave of happy backers are singing the praises of Atari's efforts, but aside from the Atari Vault (2016) there don't seem to be any games or developers linked to this console. Atari's website claims it will be delivered by December 24, 2020 - but after years of delays, who knows.

Lets not forget that this year we have new Xbox and PlayStation consoles coming to market. The VCS is selling for $389 which is pretty expensive for a set-top box that plays games from Atari's glory in the 80s. Say, I wonder how those Atari Casinos and Atari Hotels are doing...

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