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May 2020 Retro Gaming Article

May 2, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Touting Atari Token as a currency for the delayed VCS console, Atari has a blockchain website

Atari Token
Another Atari project launching with no clear path or benefit.
Like most Atari projects, the facts are muddled with ideas, concepts, and marketing-speak. Solid plans don't seem to be a staple for Atari projects. You can buy Atari Tokens, but it's unclear what you can realistically do with this cryptocurrency. They offer some "ideas," but real-world uses seem quite limited.

Even their own FAQ on the Atari chain website doesn't offer any real world uses.

From the Atari chain website:
What can I do with the Atari Token?
Our long-term goal is to provide as many uses as possible. This obviously will take time.

We first heard about Atari's cryptocurrency in February 2018. Even back then it seemed as though the Atari VCS (called the "Ataribox" at the time) was being ignored as other projects were being announced. We're glad to see Atari grown and diversify into new areas, but they need to do it competently or risk damaging the brand.

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