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November 23, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I love finding easter eggs in video games, but here's a cool one in a novel

easter egg in Apparition Phase
This is clever marketing and a unique way to bring people together over a niche concept, understood by all.
Marketing is typically full of concepts we've all seen many times. Some are tried and true, while others seem inept and grasping. Here's a great concept that incorporates 1,000 books signed by the author, each with a numerical order of his signing, and each one contains a single handwritten word.

The premise is that there are 1,000 words among these copies, when ordered numerically will become a short story unto itself. It seems that copies of Will Maclean's novel, The Apparition Phase, were signed for London's Goldsboro Books giving many of this mass of signed copies an origin point. I'm sure they ship globally, but this hunt for the words from 1,000 different book purchases is a brilliant concept.

Finding 1,000 people via social media may prove harder than one might expect, although they are trying to reign it in under the hashtag, #apparitionphase1000. Since the main novel is a mystery, it should be interesting to see if this hidden short story is the same genre and perhaps it lends to the main novel's story.

I'm a fan of numbers, so this whole concept fascinates and delights me, but...
What if there's a clue or cypher in the main novel that hints at a different way to order the handwritten words? Perhaps a new numbering system would alter the storyline of the "ordered" version. :)

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