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May 2020 Retro Gaming Article

May 7, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Galaxy Purple Amico console is on pre-order exclusively at GameStop, for its October launch

Galaxy Purple Amico consol
I'm not comfortable giving GameStop $299 for a product shipping in October, given their poor financial standing and coronavirus impact.
GameStop has been in a financial bind for quite some time. They've tried several tactics to diversify and retain their core business, but stores have been closing for the last few years. Factor in a global pandemic that has shuttered most of their locations and things may get worse. So, where does that leave pre-orders for Intellivision's upcoming Amico console?

GameStop has an exclusive on the purple version, but you have to put down the full $299 price. The console debuts in October. With all the grim news about a resurgence of the coronavirus, I'm not confident GameStop will be here to distribute the console. I have no inside info - my fears are simply based on the company's past performance woes combined with their stores being closed for the pandemic.

I think the Amico has great potential and will do very well due to it's unique blend of retro, family camaraderie, and a great price point on games. I'm not as confident GameStop will be around to push them across the counter. Best of luck to GameStop. I'd miss them a lot if the went out of business.

I'm stoked for the Amico and bought one direct during one of Intellivision's pre-order windows. I was planning on buying one at retail on launch day, but heard the console may not be very plentiful outside of various pre-orders for Intellivision's retail partners. I'm excited about it and looking forward to a new gaming experience.

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