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March 2020 Retro Gaming Article

March 31 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

VIP Pre-orders for Intellivision's Amico video game console began today. Did you get yours?

Amico preorders began today
For a $100 deposit, you can reserve your choice of three colors and get some great discounts and extras!
Available in Glacier White, Graphite Black, or Vintage Woodgrain - the Intellivision Amico is coming to market in October. Today's pre-order only required a $100 deposit to secure a game console. It comes with some great stuff!

  • An Amico console, two controllers, and six pack-in games
  • A $25 RFID Amico digital game store gift card
  • A 25% off online merchandise store discount code
  • A 3D lenticular Running Man trading card signed by Tommy Tallarico
  • Three digital soundtrack albums including "Earthworm Jim Anthology"
In late January, Intellivision offered a Founder's Edition pre-order that sold out in several hours. Now they are offering a second round, called the VIP pre-order. This time I felt the need to have an Amico. To be honest, I really wanted the purple one, but I'm concerned about stock levels at retail for the general public. I'm uncertain if Intellivision will be selling direct or can I get one at GameStop or Best Buy? I feel strongly that this will be a stellar console and don't want any FOMO in October ;)

The trailers and domos they have showed were beyond what I was expecting of this console. Their simple and retro approach will bring back a kind of gameplay missing from gaming. The multiplayer focus brings the "couch" back into multiplayer. I love that!

Amico preorders began today Intellivision Amico in Glacier White.
Amico preorders began today Intellivision Amico in limited edition woodgrain.

I pre-ordered a Graphite Black Intellivision Amico and I couldn't be more excited for this game console! So, now I have several months to wonder about that sixth pack-in game and buying a copy of Moon Patrol - the demo looks really good.

I ordered an Amico

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