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January 2020 Retro Gaming Article

January 24, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Intellivision Amico pre-orders begin January 27 for the limited woodgrain Founder's Edition console

Intellivision Amico pre-orders begin
The Founder's Edition Amico is limited to 2,600 units with a great selection of special bonus items.
If you've seen some of the cool colors available for the Intellivision Amico, check out the woodgrain Founder's Edition, available for pre-order on January 26! With a fully-refundable deposit of $100, you can reserve one on Monday!

When I see how much Intellivision is investing in this console's release, it creates an electrifying excitement in me. I have a small investment in the new Atari VCS, but I know the Amico is going to be the console to have this Fall. The Amico game demos are stunning and beyond what I had expected on this upcoming platform. Intellivision Amico logo

The email sent out today from Intellivision was full of great info from the pre-order to the Founder's Edition and Night Stalker demo. Intellivision and Tommy Tallarico understand what it takes to create new hardware, deliver excitement, and keep the momentum going. Very stoked for this console. Go Amico!

The email sent out today contains a list of what will be included with the Founder's Edition Amico video game console:
The Founders Edition package is a $400+ value but we are offering it to you for just $299! It's our way of giving something very special and unique to all of our most loyal fans. But please don't delay! We are only making 2600 Founders Editions available.

  • A Vintage Woodgrain Amico, hand numbered and signed by Intellivision CEO and Amico visionary, Tommy Tallarico.
  • An exclusive $50 RFID golden ticket gift card, to help you load your Amico with tons of great games.
  • An exclusive Founders Patch, commemorating the launch of the new system.
  • An exclusive Founder's pin, perfect for showing off your Intellivision pride.
  • An exclusive lenticular poster, signed by the entire Amico development team.
  • Rock out retro-style with physical CDs and digital downloads of the Earthworm Jim Anthology album and Tommy Tallarico - Greatest Hits Volume II.
  • You'll receive early delivery of this edition BEFORE Amico hits store shelves! You will literally be the FIRST on your block to have one!

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