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January 2019 Retro Gaming Article

January 28, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

When he loves video games more than you, Volkswagen has your escape vehicle

Volkswagen Tiguan ad
Once he's lost in a virtual world, it's time to move and VW's Tiguan can help.
This Volkswagen TV ad showcases it's Tiguan as the sort of vehicle one might like when it comes to moving into a new place. The woman is shown putting her stuff into the car. Looks big. Fits all her stuff. Super! What could go wrong? Jeff.

He loves video games. She wants a man who owns furniture.
Apparently she's moving in with her boyfriend, Jeff. Upon arriving at their new place, Jeff is immersed in Virtual Reality, his face buried in a VR headset. She mentions something about Jeff failing her "test" and she drives off!

Did she just dump Jeff? What happened here?

I've never owned a Volkswagen, but every time I've moved, I went to Ryder or Uhaul and got a big truck! From arcade cabinets to game consoles and boxes & boxes of video games, that Tiguan isn't going to cut it. I need a truck. Moving requires a truck. So, here's what I think happened with Jeff...

He rolls in with his truck, brings in a few boxes and immediately has to set up a system. His PSVR was in the first box, so he set it up. You have to. We've all been there. It's a natural reaction to the new house. How does it game. Gotta know.

But then she shows up with her nine worldly possessions in a VW hatchback. He's gaming. She wants to "move in" together. Jeff is killing it at BattleZone. So, she hops in the car and takes off. Call me crazy, but Jeff will always be single, but he likes it that way.

Volkswagen Tiguan ad Jeff's got his VR rig set up and is waiting for his girlfriend to show up. Blinded within the headset, he becomes immersed in the game.
Volkswagen Tiguan ad Jeff's girlfriend arrives and realizes he owns no furniture and is flailing wildly within the game he's playing. Suddenly she realizes she wants to move in with one of her friends.

Off she goes in her Volkswagen Tiguan as she escapes a relationship relegated to getting high scores and downloading DLC. The Tiguan is her escape from that world. She'll play Super Mario Bros on a Friday night, but that VR thing is a deal breaker. Sorry Jeff.

Volkswagen Tiguan ad

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