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March 2019 Retro Gaming Article

March 12, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Get a full set of cases for displaying Virtual Boy games via Custom Game Cases' Indiegogo campaign

Custom Game Cases for Virtual Boy games
If this project reaches funding, it would be a great thing for Virtual Boy collectors lacking a good display option.
The Virtual Boy was deemed a failure by all counts, but for $179.95 in 1995, I was eager to buy one! It was the strangest, quirkiest game console I'd ever seen and had to have one. I bought one quite soon after launch and was fascinated by it. Then the reviews came in/

I'm fairly certain most reviewers had never touched a Virtual Boy, but were content to say they hated it's red display and gave them headaches. I loved virtual By so much, I bought a few of them when EB was blowing them out at huge discounts. But how do you display the games? they came boxed, but we all love clam-shell cases. You're in luck...

The folks at Custom Game Cases are in the mist of an Indiegogo campaign for Virtual Boy labeled cases. These cases are red and hold the game cart either with or without the dustcover over the end of the cart. Since the Virtual Boy only had 22 games, you can buy the whole set with labels for each game.

Now for the details. I love this idea and hope it comes to fruition. It may seem steep at $15,000, but keep in mind this is the first run and this cost includes the steel injection mold that will lead to additional production runs. This campaign is set up as a "flexible goal" meaning al funds will be collected even if the final goal is not met. Many of us are more familiar with the Kickstarter model in which funding is not collected if the goal is unmet.

Incentive for Virtual Boy Collectors

A nice facet of these cases is the custom artwork that comes with each one. The campaign has several tiers to get only a select few (your choice of game artwork), but there are also two "complete" type sets. I'm loving this option as it motivates me to collect missing titles.

The first set, for $30, consists of 16 Red Virtual Boy cases. 14 of them make up the entire officially released NTSC titles that came out for the Virtual Boy. You also get 2 un-released titles - Faceball Remastered & Bound High!

The second set, for $50, includes 33 officially released cover designs. This includes 14 NTSC covers, 3 of which Japan did not get. You also get 19 Japanese covers, 8 of which were exclusive to Japan.

If you're as manic about those small red screens as I am, check out this cool display option for Virtual Boy games!

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