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March 2019 Retro Gaming Article

March 31, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

When a claim was made that each Tetris block has a name, I went to my instruction manual

Tetris blocks have names grayscale version
My manual omitted this naming convention, but it may be from an early-release or special edition version - or a complete hoax.
About a month ago when I heard the seven Tetris blocks each had a name, I took a look at my game manual. I'd heard these bricks (each consisting of four blocks) referred to as tetrominos, but actual names? Would I find Fred, Olivia, and Ned? Tetris blocks have names!?! Could this be true or was this another PhotoShop job? This story fascinated me.

Only one picture seems to have traveled around the internet in support of this naming convention. Everyone seems to have latched onto this pic, but no one seems to have photographed their manual showing these names. It seems to have originated from this Tetris Tweet.

I looked through my official Nintendo Tetris manual as well as the Tengen one. Online, I sifted through a slew of Tetris "manual files" looking for this elusive page 12. No names. What gives? I found the preceding page (from the photo) of the trick to getting a piece to nudge sideways at the last minute... but no names.

So what is the origin of Orange Ricky, Blue Ricky, Hero, Teewee, Cleveland Z, Rhode Island Z, and Smashboy? I"m wondering if this may have been an early version of the manual or accompanied a special release of the game. I want this to be real, but I can't find a manual containing this info.

Official Tetris manual My conclusion is this is a hoax, albeit a fun one. Who'd have thought to claim the Tetris blocks have ridiculous names? Genius! I draw this conclusion from the lack of additional photos. If I found Cleveland Z in my manual, I'd definitely have posted a pic of it!

If nothing else, this should serve as incentive to do your own research. Trump may have coined the "fake news" term, but there's plenty of fake stuff all over the web. Good journalists have citations (links) to corroborating info. Good readers are skeptical and do their own investigating Being lazy can lead to all sorts of things... like Orange Ricky.

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